Dana Persico
Dana PersicoPresident
Dana Persico, CEO of Nail Skin & Hair Institute

“Our future will be heavily impacted by the education opportunities available to young women.” It’s a conviction that doesn’t waver for Dana Persico, Executive Director. For her, beauty and wellness education serves as a great catalyst for growth — not only for young women, but also for the communities they bring their education back to, and this is really what the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute is all about.

As a leader in propelling highly skilled graduates, Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute doesn’t just focus on empowering students with knowledge and industry awareness. “We help them immerse themselves as highly successful entrepreneurs who drive the workforce,” Dana says.

To do that, the Institute partners with NY State Small Business Development Corporation to provide students with unparalleled business mentoring and financial resources, and students can often be found walking the halls of Capitol Hill with Persico as she advocates for student access to government funding and education choice. Students also visit Racine Cancer Care Program every Monday to volunteer safe and therapeutic spa services to patients undergoing cancer therapy, and it’s an experience that has been life-changing for the students, Dana says.

“The beauty industry offers many single mothers, veteran students, and young women the opportunity to be in total control of a beauty career that fits their vision of living their best life,” says Dana. “Eleanor Roosevelt said that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and we’re profoundly inspired to help aspiring beauty professionals (primarily women) build a career that works for their personal lifestyle.”